The Company

The Company

We manage multiple logistics services built for the world of fashion, outdoor and sporting goods. We offer ourselves as a partner for customers looking for high-profile services and qualified skills.

Mas Logistics was founded in 2013 from the desire of its entrepreneurs to make available a deep knowledge of operating processes, consolidated over many years of experience in some of the most complex realities of the clothing industry, offering management of raw materials and finished products warehouses and of main value-added services for the industry.

Our mission is to solve your problems by adapting to your organizational model, providing you with a fast and flexible service, lowering your costs and improving your performance.


Important dates

  • >2013

    Mas Logistics was founded
  • <2014

    First customer for the integrated management of all logistics activities, from raw materials to finished products, including quality control of raw materials and finished products, placed in the Carrè (VI) facility. Opening of the site in Modena
  • >2017

    First customer for the management of e-commerce channel
  • <2018

    Opening of the site in Lonate Pozzolo (VA)
    Introduction of RFID technology
    Reached 5 M euros in turnover
  • <2020

    Opening of the site in Asolo (TV)
    Acquisition of company Sinvlogistics
    Achieved 11 million euros in turnover
  • >2021

    Beginning of logistics management for components and bicycle clothing sectors
    Opening of the site Fonte (TV)


Massimo Anceschi

Chief Executive Officer

In-depth culture and knowledge of the fashion industry:
we offer the best skills to our customers.

Alberto Donadello

Chief Executive Officer

Innovation and pursuit of quality
at the service of an efficient supply chain.

Reasons to work together

Professionalism Maximum professionalism and resources reliability
Tailored services

Service tailored to customer's needs


In managing all activities within raw materials and finished products warehouses and all related services


Maximum attention to safety and guaranteed compliance with regulations concerning the pay, social security contributions and insurance of the personnel used

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