Advanced solutions

The technologies developed for the logistics sector have always been a source of inspiration for us.


Having and giving our customers the possibility of a greater timeliness and traceability of information, combined with better efficiency and quality of logistics and distribution activities,is an essential service for us.

Strengthened by this conviction, we have always invested in innovation and activated partnerships with the major technological companies.


State-of-the-art technology for the safety of goods

WMS   traceability of all products and processes
RFID   gates and mass reading systems
Handling   semi-automatic handling systems of hanging garments
Packages handling   through automatic roller conveyor
Systems   for automatic parcel taping and labeling
Vertical warehouse   automatic



We make use of a sophisticated WMS developed for the world of logistics, giving you the chance to customize it according to your specific needs, adapting it to the logistics processes and operating procedures defined together. Furthermore, thanks to its scalability, we are able to support the growth of your business. The innovative and technological level of our WMS allows us to:

  • Integrate it perfectly to your ERP,
  • Leverage technologies such as put and pick 2 light, RFID and Voice,
  • Cross Docking Management
  • Warehouse mapping with their typology
  • Analysis and management of optimized routes for the storage and picking phases
  • Returns management (link to returns management)
  • Assignment to locations with ABC logic, random or fixed
  • Warehouse KPI reports
  • Rotating inventories management


Through our network of verticalized partners for Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing solutions, we have been able to support our customers in the implementation of projects based on RFID technology, allowing them to achieve strategic and operational objectives including:

  • Enhancement of its anti-counterfeiting system;
  • Traceability of goods within the warehouse;
  • Greater efficiency in incoming and outgoing reading activities;
  • Possibility to manage massive inventories;
  • Reduction of errors by operators.

To enable the achievement of these results, we have equipped the acceptance, storage and shipping areas with suitable structures, such as antennas, readers, gates and Host Management Systems.

Goods handling systems

Mas Logistics uses a semi-automatic system for handling goods and for internal transport on several levels, both for hanging and laid out garments. Connected to all goods receiving points, it guarantees speed and efficiency, optimizing both the storage of finished products and their transport within the warehouse during the picking, labelling and shipping phases.

Automatic vertical warehouses

We give our customers the opportunity to access an innovative storage solution such as that of automatic vertical warehouses, which allow for significant savings deriving from the optimization of space and timing for processing orders:

  • Better exploitation of the surface as the warehouse develops in height;
  • Reduction of times associated with storage, research and picking activities;
  • Improvement in terms of ergonomics and personnel safety;
  • Reduction of damage and loss risks at haberdasheries.

Equipped with software integrated with the WMS, its operation is also simple and intuitive.